Water like Wine

If you want to enjoy the flavors of your favorite wine to the fullest, you need the right water. Lightly mineralized Korunní has precisely the perfect combination of properties to enhance all of wine's features. This is why Korunní is recommended by Czech sommeliers as a water fitting to be paired with wine.


Not all water is the same

Serving water with wine is common in countries with a developed wine culture, and the right water choice has become a focus of attention. Water not only hydrates the body and cleanses taste buds, but its composition and taste can enhance, or, on the contrary, reduce the impression of a wine. Moreover, it balances out the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

Tap water

  • surface water
  • chemically treated, chlorinated
  • unknown quality of end source influencing taste and appearance

Mineral water

  • protected groundwater source
  • no chemical treatment
  • sources are under strict supervision
Wine region Bohemia
Litoměřice sub-region
Mělník sub-region
Wine region Moravia
Znojmo sub-region
Velké Pavlovice sub-region
Mikulov sub-region
Slovácko sub-region

Mineral water with special attributes

Similar to wines with special attributes which reflect the terroir's specificities, Korunní mineral water's distinctive taste is formed by the unique bedrock of the Doupov Mountains.

Wines with special attributes must come from a particular vineyard, just as Korunní mineral water comes from a particular location listed in the Official Journal of the EU and supervised by the Czech Spa and Spring Inspectorate (of the Ministry of Health).

And just as no sugar can be added to wines with special attributes, Korunní mineral water doesn't undergo any chemical treatment.

Mineral water fitting to be paired with wine

Water to be paired with wine should be tasty and refreshing without unpleasant aromas. The Wine Institute together with the Czech Sommelier Association and hydrogeochemistry experts independently assess the taste characteristics and composition of spring and mineral waters. The waters that pass the certification process obtain the ‘Water fitting to be paired with wine’ label.


A drop better match with wine

Do you know what kind of water pairs with a particular type of wine? The degree of water mineralization is an important factor in wine pairing. Korunní mineral water is classified as lightly mineralized, and its taste characteristics don't disrupt the taste of wine.

Still water

pairs ideally and harmoniously with sparkling wines, light young white wines and rosés, but it's also fitting to be paired with fortified white wines because it enhances their taste.

Gently sparkling water

pairs in a balanced taste perception and harmony with medium-bodied white wines, sparkling wines, rosés as well as fortified red wines.

Sparkling water

is an excellent choice for both champagne or semi-sweet wine enthusiasts and professional degustators, because its properties don't disrupt or overpower their taste.

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